System and Automation Set Up

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Organize, Collaborate, and Grow!

How's it going…

I assume you're on this page because you might need a tiny bit of assistance with some structure in your business, whether that's strategic help implementing a project management system, automating various parts of your business, or maybe consolidating various tools so that you feel less... "Arrgghhhhh"?

You got into business because your passion is helping your clients, selling products and being creative.

We got into business because our passion (and I mean geeky, all consuming, we live-and-breathe-it passion) is all the "boring" systems, tech, admin and IT stuff!

Unfortunately for typical type A personalities, running a business comes with all these tech things that you probably hate or don't have time for - and that's what we love helping our clients with.



"I cannot say enough good things about the amazing Sam McCracken. She has made my business life so much simpler. She is infinitely resourceful, smart, capable, and pleasant to work with. Nothing ruffles her feathers. I am particularly grateful for her help in automating the onboarding process of my signature program, The Fearless Leader. I have recommended and referred Sam to many of my business colleagues."

- Kathy McAfee, America’s Marketing Motivator | Executive Coach, Mentor, Author

What Types of Things do You Need Help With?

Strategic set up of marketing, operations, project management and/or collaboration tools.

Automation of pretty much any repetitive scenario in your business.

Implementation of structure and organization in what currently feels like overwhelm.

Case Studies

Client A:

Had an already successful 1:1 coaching business, but could have been seeing many more clients if she wasn't spending so much time setting up and sending PDF invoices, trying to remember where she wrote down what plan that client is on, not knowing to follow up on late payments, not keeping effective records, not having a project plan, and having so much fall through the cracks.

After we worked together, she now has a business where:

  • Contracts and invoices are sent via a client management platform (automatically for those on payment plans) and appear much more professional.
  • Clients are able to pay with card/PayPal, and no longer have to send payments manually via bank transfer.
  • Overdue invoices are automatically followed up with reminders, and flagged for attention.
  • Reports are automatically updated with data on forms that are automatically sent to new clients.
  • There is a one-stop-shop database for projects and tasks, client lists, session tracking, invoicing, onboarding checklists, and client data.

This has saved this client around 20 hours per month.

Client B:

Launched a mentoring program, and would manually send hundreds of emails, including customized Google docs to members of the cohort over the course of the 8 week period. Emails or docs sometimes had incorrect details, or were sent late if there was too much to get through in one day.

After we worked together, she now has a business where:

  • Rather than a 15 minute process for each new client, she only has to spend about 90 seconds inputting essential client information into a database and clicking one button, which generates a customized Google doc and email, sent to the client automatically.
  • Each cohort are added (automatically - of course) to an email marketing platform, where they are emailed the timely updates they need throughout the program.
  • The automations implemented have not only removed the need for so much manual labour, but have also improved accuracy and punctuality.
  • Everything the cohort members receive now appears professional and high-end.

This has saved this client around 40 hours per cohort.

Client C:

Has a personal training business with a team, and lots of moving parts. Each time there was a new prospect, new client, client update or a leaver, there were multiple action steps that needed to take place, and various places to input the same data multiple times. Team communication fell through the cracks, and it was not always easy for everyone to have all the information they needed.

After we worked together, he and the team now have a business where:

  • Each stage of the client journey has its own automatically generated checklist in a project management platform that the team have access to. Everyone can see at what stage the client is at, and what attention they need.
  • Prospects are no longer being missed, and existing clients are getting the timely communication they need, thanks to a catch-all notification system.
  • Data and processes are now all accessible in just several online platforms, rather than a dozen places there were beforehand.
  • Reports and client information is now accurate, now that automations have been set up to populate data that lives in various locations.

This has saved this client around 30 hours per month.

This is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to:

  • Systematize your processes and communication
  • Achieve higher accuracy and less manual work by automating repetitive tasks
  • Simplify your digital processes

"Sam is THE BEST VA Partner I have ever worked with. I am not great at the "tech" side of things and Sam is absolutely PHENOMENAL. She is so smart, FAST, and professional.

I can focus on what I love and she takes care of the rest...Tech, templates, distribution, creative, operations, and more. Sam is more than a tech person, she is a PARTNER. I cannot say enough good things about Sam but I will end with this....She is a GREAT PERSON. And for me, that is the most important!"

- Michael Charest - Grow Your Business, Grow Your Life!

What exactly does a Systems Set Up include?

When business owners/leaders/team members are doing too much repetitive, administrative, or tech-type tasks in their business, or they don't know how to effectively complete that work, we step in to help - and we do this by introducing and/or organizing systems and processes that up until this point have not been working effectively.

We will help you set up a new tool to help you collaborate and manage projects and tasks, or set up an email marketing funnel for you, or organize your client onboarding and communication system... These are just some examples.

Essentially, whatever technology is needed to help a business operate more effectively and accurately, THAT'S what we take care of for you.

This is probably not for you if any of these apply...

❌ You don’t want to spend an upfront handful of hours on this process to save yourself upwards of 10 hours per month

❌ You prefer doing every little thing yourself even if it’s not where your time is best spent

❌ You're not willing to potentially pay (sometimes as little as $12/month) for a new platform

❌ You have an extremely confidential business model and can't share any sensitive information on a temporary basis, even with an NDA in place

❌ You don't feel that your business systems need any improvement

This is great for you if at least one of these applies...

✅ You need an accurate, more professional and high quality way to deliver to, or communicate with your clients

✅ You’ve not moved forward with automations yet because the platforms, tech, decisions, integrations and design seem complicated

✅ You’re at the point in your business where you know you need an improvement on how to work effectively with your team

✅ You're doing waaaaay too much manually, and feel like too much of your time is spent on menial tasks

✅ Things are falling through the cracks, spinning plates are starting to fall, and you just need more business zen!

If this sounds like it could be just what you need...

This is how we'd work together:

After an initial consultation, if we both feel that we're a great fit, we'll agree to work on a VIP Day basis, a Project basis, or an Ongoing basis.

Once you're set up as a client, we'll have an initial kick-off call, where we'll go over the timeline, the plan for success, work out what platforms you might need to add (or remove!), and we'll make sure we have the access we need. We'll agree how we're going to communicate, and how often, and make sure that you know exactly what to expect.

Then myself and my team will get to work! We'll communicate with you and/or your team, and keep you updated on progress.

If we're working on a VIP Day or Project basis, we'll make sure that you are provided with detailed how-to training videos, so that you can maintain things moving forward, and we'll have a 2 week email support period after the project is complete.

By the time we've worked our magic, you will have...

  • An optimized 'source of truth'; you'll have a clear view of what's going on in your business
  • Confidence that nothing is falling through the cracks
  • The knowledge to maintain your systems and automations
  • A higher quality experience for your clients
  • Low fuss operations, processes, and reports
  • More time to work with clients, develop new products, or sit back and sip cocktails (whatever you want!)

By the time we've worked our magic, you will have...

  • An optimized 'source of truth'; you'll have a clear view of what's going on in your business
  • Confidence that nothing is falling through the cracks
  • The knowledge to maintain your systems and automations
  • A higher quality experience for your clients
  • Low fuss operations, processes, and reports
  • More time to work with clients, develop new products, or sit back and sip cocktails (whatever you want!)

Don't worry!

This isn't about being tied to your desk for the duration of your project!

Most of your work will already be done before the project starts (during our kick-off call, and by completing several intake forms).

We'll ask you if we need something, but the best thing about the process is for the most part, you get to sit back and watch your systems unfold!

Here's what will happen:

We'll jump on a very informal, 20-30 minute Zoom call, where we'll get to know each other a little bit, I'll ask you a few questions about your business and what you want to achieve by improving your systems.

I'll consult you on what I think would work best for you and your business - this is unique because every business owner has different things that are important to them, different habits, different goals, etc.

You'll have the opportunity to ask any questions you have.

If we both feel that it's a good fit, I'll invite for us to work together. And if it's not a good fit for now, we'll part as friends!

"Sam is way more than a virtual assistant, she runs the show! Sam is an indispensable online business manager who I trust to take care of the infrastructure of the business. She will take you from 5 to 6, 6 to multi-6 and multi-6 to 7 figures in your business. Sam is awesome, you’re in good hands."

- David Newman - Do It! Marketing

What are you waiting for?